WZ30 CNC Horizontal Drilling Machine

Product Details

WZ30 CNC Horizontal drilling machine

Machine tool use:
This machine is a horizontal CNC drilling machine, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking machinery, heat exchangers, etc. industry, especially in the long axis of the flange end drilling, chamfered hole of rigid tapping and light milling function. CNC machining process, can achieve automation, high precision, multi variety, small and medium batch production.

Structure and configuration of the machine tool:
This machine mainly pneumatic system, cooling system, lubricating system, electrical system, chip breaker part bed and a longitudinal slide, column and vertical slide, sliding pillow type drilling power box, work table.
1 body length 8000mm, width 1200mm, high 450mm, high quality iron castings, the artificial heat aging treatment, precision and stability. The bottom surface of the total distribution of 32 adjustable pad iron, can conveniently adjust the bed level adjustment after the completion of the press. Bed layout has two spacing 1050mm, No. 65 in long 5700mm high load-bearing capacity of the roller linear guide rail vice, with six slider will longitudinal slide installation on the. The longitudinal sliding plate is driven by the servo motor through the coupling and the ball screw pair to realize the longitudinal (X) movement of the machine tool.
2 column installed on the longitudinal slide, 1200 mm long, wide 1050mm, high but 4700mm by high quality cast iron, in the same bed as the artificial aging heat treatment, precision and stability. Front side upright posts installed two spacing 880mm, long 2940mm high bearing force of linear rolling guide rail pair, vertical slide mounted on the, by the servo motor through the coupling, the ball screw drive, to achieve vertical direction (Y direction) mobile. Column internal counterweight, through two vertical slide plate chain balance weight.
3. Slide pillow type drill power box is installed on the layout in the vertical slide on two lines on the rolling guide, by the servo motor through the synchronous belt reducer, ball screw drive, to achieve drilling head horizontal (z) to the feed. Drilling spindle using Taiwan precision spindle (cold), the rotation by the digital speed motor through the synchronous belt drive, can achieve 30 ~ 3000r/min speed. Spindle taper BT50, with butterfly spring automatic broach mechanism, hydraulic cylinder loose knife tool replacement is very convenient. Can be fitted with hard alloy bit cold and high speed steel twist drill, and has a taper of spindle blowing cleaning function.
4 the machine tool fixed working table of the largest external dimensions 6000 x 9000mm, can load 70t. The working table has a T type groove, and the V type positioning clamp is fixed on the table board, and the workpiece is lifted to the positioning fixture by a crane, and the positioning and clamping of the workpiece on the working table is realized by pressing the pressing plate.
5 pneumatic system is mainly to provide air blow spindle.
6. The cooling system with belt filter paper, respectively, high pressure pumps cold (2MPa, 40L / min) and the low pressure pump cold, for the use of cooling or cooling inside the tool. Coolant can be recycled.





Max. dia.



Maximum length of workpiece




T slot wide


Sliding pillow type drilling head


1 pc

Taper of spindle


Max drilling diameter


Drilling depth


Depth / diameter

≤5(U drill)

Spindle speed


Max. tapping diameter


Spindle servo motor power


Spindle maximum torque


Vertical movement of column
     (X axis)

Max stroke


X axis movement speed


X axis servo motor power / torque


Vertical movement of the power box
     (Y axis)

Max stroke


Y axis movement speed


Y axis servo motor power / torque


Ram feed movement
     (Z axis)

Z axis stroke


Z axis feed rate


Z axis servo motor power / torque


positioning accuracy

X axis


Y axis


Z axis


Repeated positioning accuracy

X axis

 0.03 mm

Y axis


Z axis


Hydraulic system

Hydraulic pump pressure / flow

6.5MPa /25L/min

Hydraulic pump motor power


Pneumatic system

Compressed air pressure



Chip removal and cooling

Chip type

Flat chain

Chip number


Chip removal rate


Chip motor power


Internal cooling water pump motor power


External cooling water pump motor power


Internal cooling pressure



Automatic lubrication system

Lubrication pressure


Lubrication oil


Lubrication cycle



electrical system

numerical control system

Simens 840D

Numerical control axis

3+ axis

Motor total power


About 50kW

Machine tool dimensions


About 15000X12500X6300mm

Weight of machine tool

About 65t

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