SUPERTIME Assists Economic Development Zone In Declaring National Torch Characteristic Industry Base

Torch high technology industry development center, ministry of science&technology published 1-st list of national torch characteristic industry base, in total 10 enterprises are approved, “Jinan Lingang intelligent machinery and characteristic industry base” of economic development zone where locates dominant manufacturer of CNC machines SUPERTIME is also in the list.

Jinan Lingang economic development zone adheres to new industrialization and sustainable development, auto parts, cnc machines, machinery and equipment are key development areas.Supertime enhances influence of “Made in China” across the world.

Supertime is high-tech enterprise certificated by Chinese government, a key enterprise in tailored cnc machine designing and manufacturing, equipment is exported to over 30 countries, tube sheet & baffle stack drilling line, boiler barrel drilling line, angle line machine, beam and plate drill etc, makes Supertime leading position in domestic industry.