Successfully Installed CNC Drilling Machine For Steel Plates

High Speed drilling performance with the most competitive price, CJ2030HZ(A) has been recently successfully installed in domestic users’ workshop.


High speed drilling, with rotation speed up to 3000rpm, stepless speed adjustment, dozens of steel plates material is processed with accurate and smooth holes within seconds.

cnc high speed drilling machine for steel plates

Machine is used for drilling holes in bridge and steel structure. Steel plate material Q370R, old standard is 15MnNbR.



Workpiece size 2000x3000mm

Spindle rotation speed 30-3000rpm, automatic speed control

Precision spindle equip with carbide drill bits

Worktable is welded structure, can absorb vibration force during drilling.

Siemens 808D CNC system, easy operation and programming

Centralized lubrication system prolongs machine longevity

cnc high speed drilling machine for steel plates quotation

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