Stronger Type CNC Punching Line For Steel Angle JX2020S

CNC punching line for steel angle, realizes 3 operations in 1 machine, punching, marking and shearing. Widely applied in transmission tower, telecommunication, steel tower etc.


JX2020S and JX2020 can process angle size 63x63x4-200x200x20mm, max punching diameter is φ26mm, total 6 punches by 3 on either side, 4 letter groups for selection. 

CNC punching machine for steel angle

Independent hydraulic station and electrical control system; Automatic material length measurement function, optimizes nesting function, automatic material feeding...


What are the differences between 2 machines?

Why is it called stronger type JX2020S punching machine for steel angle?


1. Stronger machine frame, worktable, punches, moulds, ensures better machine rigidity and stability during high load processing.

cnc punching machine for steel angle

2. Stronger punch die:

cnc punching machine for steel angle

3. Vertical material pressing device, stable pressing, oil cylinder diameter 125mm, pressing force bigger, ensures machine stability and processing accuracy.

cnc punching machine for steel angle

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