Medium To Large Diameters Holes Popular CNC Plates Drilling Machine

From a productivity point of view, a CNC plate Drilling machine has better drilling performance and higher efficiency in comparison with traditional drilling tools.


With time goes on, CNC plate drilling machine with gantry movable structure is widely applied in petrochemical, boiler industries for flange, heat exchangers drilling. 

cnc plate drilling machine medium to large holes

Supertime offers you DZC series medium to large diameters holes CNC plates drilling:

. Steel plates welded structure, after aging treatment acquires better dynamic and static stability;

. Max drilling holes diameter is φ90mm (about 35.5 inches);

. 2 spindles can work simultaneously, higher efficiency;

. Direct conversion of CAD/CAM, easy for maintenance and operation.

drilling machine cnc for plates medium to large holes

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