Inspection Of CNC Metal Cutting Band Saw

Successfully passed technical inspection of Supertime CNC metal cutting band saw machine.


Metal cutting band saw:

According to customers feedback, machine is unusual. Difference lies in its high speed metal cutting, also its delicate design and structure. 

About machine:

This machine is used for processing beam, C-channel (C-beam), steel channel, structural channel, angle etc. Widely applied in building, bridge, steel structure and other industries.

Machine highlights:

. High efficiency band metal cutting band saw, 3 times than ordinary machines.

. Dolly feeding device, with better positioning accuracy.

. Reciprocating cutting function, to prevent saw blade clamping.

. Realizes metal cutting in angle range 0°-45°.

. Hydraulic tension of band saw blade, keeps good tension force during high speed running.

. Magnetic scale detects angle degree, automatically stops when blade ruptures.