Hydraulic Punching Precision Of Workpiece Positioning

Hydraulic punching machine is new kind of energy-efficient, stable performance, high precision products-bow with two patented punch. The punch Punch Punching speed is 2.5 times of similar products, improved punching force. Installation position fixed viewfinder, the camera directly, overcame the viewfinder moves of data changes, makes workpiece positioning accuracy is enhanced and greatly enhance the reliability of data acquisition, positioning of the workpiece.
Automatic punching machine with camera positioning, positioning a faster, more accurate! High-precision positioning (deviation of ≤ ± 0.008mm) to ensure product quality, more in line with the demand of electronic products more accurate, the future direction for the development of high precision, using automatic positioning drilling machine can get you into a head start in the market! Positioning and punching speed is a manual machine from Bill, the speed can be 2-3 times, greatly saves time for the customer, saving people! So more and more enterprises to introduce this machine as a positioning hole processing of special equipment, replacing the traditional manual drilling, greatly improved product quality, reduce scrap, increase the market competitiveness of enterprises, many enterprises become competitive and effective assurances.