China Made GZC Series CNC Drilling Machine For Flange Plates

New product:

This machine is high efficient and essential equipment for flange, heat exchanger, tube sheets, steel plates drilling. Can be used for mass production.


With CNC and high processing precision, direct conversion of CAD/ACM to processing programming, real time processing display, very easy for operation and maintenance.

cnc drilling machine for flange plates

Machine highlights view:

. Machine with good rigidity after aging treatment and steel plates welded;

. With optical edge finder, convenient for workpiece positioning;

. With spindle rotation speed up to 6000rpm, high drilling speed;

. Can customize for you, 2 drilling heads or more;

. Automatic speed control, Fagor or Siemens system for selection;

. Free tailored design according to your workpiece size and requirements.

china made cnc drilling machine for flange plates

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