Beam Line

Within each cabinet needs to tie can be divided into power cables, network cables, switch lines in three categories. Because each device within the Cabinet models, different brands and manufacturers such as ... Line is a bunch of five tie to wear a tie in the other direction from the same direction, so that at the end of cut off and the rest will make mouth parts neat in appearance. Special insulation Velcro cable ties, straps.
Nylon/Velcro, sticky tape, adhesive tape, high frequency Velcro, elastic tape, magic tape, Gou Mao (back-to-back) adhesive tape, cable ties, ferrite core cable ties sz shangyongqi from insulating material research and development, production and sales of professional firms. Products: heat-shrinkable casing waterproof crimp terminals (connection) to double wall heat-shrinkable tube, heat shrink tube, (2:1, 3:1, 4:1), 260 ° c Teflon heat shrinkable tubing, 200 ℃ high temperature resistant Viton heat shrink tubing