Automatic Drill To Break Through Technical Barriers To Accelerate The Pace Of Transformation And Upgrade

Automatic drilling machine industry in China started late, but rapid development and has broken many barriers in technology, and achieved good results. At present, the number of automatic drill enterprises already have more competitive, to foreign markets.
With automatic drilling machine manufacturers in developed countries to transfer, automatic drilling machine industry in China for a new round of development opportunity. International die Association Secretary General Luo Baihui forecast and drive alignment of internal and external environment, by 2015, the automatic drilling machine production and sales in China will reach 350 billion yuan.
Many Chinese enterprises like automatic drilling machine solo, but in today's competitive environment, the ability of a person or company is has some limitations. To expand production scale, it is necessary to build a global network to the full, walk with suppliers, distributors, Alliance. This is a trend of the future, has automatic drilling machine in automatic drilling machine industry cluster in the process of rapid development of the industrial park has been confirmed. Automatic drilling machine can also bring about 1:100 the relevant industries, that is 100 million Yuan for development of automatic drilling machine, related industries of 10 billion yuan.
Automatic drilling machines exported in recent years increasing level of international competitiveness has improved. But most of the focus areas of middle and low, low level of automatic drilling machine, low added value, some also rely on imported high-precision automatic drilling machine, so the automatic drilling machine manufacturing in various areas to strengthen integration.