SX55-6 CNC Beam Bevelling Machine

Product Details

SX55-6 CNC beam bevelling machine

Main purposes and specialty:
This machine is mainly used in the steel industry such as buildings, bridges, municipal end flap of the H-beam milling groove the face milling webs milling arc groove.
① As a result of the processing of CNC vertical tilt slide on the end face of the H-shaped steel lock port, once completed.
② The machine has auto-setting function of the cutting parameters, the milling can automatically change the amount, greatly improving the productivity.
3 roller Road sent using variable frequency, stable transportation.
④ eat blade depth adjustment cone mill scale milling head alignment groove, you can get the desired size of the groove.
⑤ groove, face milling, the arc groove processing using carbide indexable milling.
⑥ internationally renowned brand electrical components of the programmable controller, inverter, touch screen, friendly interface, all processing parameters and status at a glance, the high-precision mechanical parts for mechanical transmission with ball screws, linear rolling guide, positioning accuracy greatly improve, improve the cost performance of the equipment, to extend the service life of the machine.
⑦ The machine for the automatic production of linear feed channel host, out forehearth devices constitute automatic line, automatic continuous the H beam milling of the same model.

1.The vertical slide:
(1)Quantity: 1
(2) longitudinal travel: 300mm
(3) drive motor power: 0.37kW
2. horizontal slide:
(1)Quantity: 1
(2) horizontal stroke: 1050mm
(3) drive motor power: 0.37k
3.milling power head:
①The Quantity: 2
② cutter: indexable carbide inserts
③ conical cutter axial adjustment: 80mm
④ spindle motor power: 15KW × 2
⑤ Processing range: (as shown)


                            H=220~1250mm               S= MAX 300mm

                            B=100~ 600mm

                            T= 10~ 55mm

4. milling column:
① Quantity: 2
② vertical movement of the power head stroke: 1300mm
③ vertical movement of the drive motor: 2.2KW × 2
④ clamps mobile range: 100 ~ 800mm
The pinched by: hydraulic clamping
5. milling deep iron block:
① Quantity: 2
② working stroke: 0 ~ 40mm
③ drive motor: 0.06KW × 2
6.conveyor roller:
① outside the machine conveyor roller length: 5000mm
② machine outside the conveyor motor power: 1.1kW
③ machine conveyor motor power: 0.55kW
7. Material Length: 12 M
8. Host Dimension (L × W × H): 7.0 × 4.0 × 2.8 m

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