JX2535 CNC Angle Drilling,marking Production Line

Product Details

JX2535 CNC angle drilling,marking production line

Product use:
The production line is composed of in feed transfer table unit, rotating loading unit, feeding conveyor unit, marking unit, two drilling units, out feed conveyor unit, hydraulic system and electric control system etc. Mainly used for the big angles drilling work. From 140x140x10 -250x250x35mm.

Product Features:
1.CNC Controlled Servo in feeding Unit
Work piece feeding is driven by a servo-motor. Closed loop control system is composed of servo and incremental encoder, ensuring higher precision of longitudinal positioning; the carriage would stop automatically in case the bar should meet a hindrance during its feed.
2.Drilling Unit
Both sides in the drilling unit equipped with drilling head which can be fixed with three drills of different diameters simultaneously. It can improve the utility ratio of drills by using lengthened bit extension.
Drilling heads can realize CNC movement for change of drilling stadia. Holes on both sides can be drilled simultaneously when longitudinal position of two holes is same and the bits are same too. The drilling spindle equipped with waterproof device to keep it from being rusted by cutting agent.
3.Marking Unit
Four programmable character containers on.The marking unit can be selected. Longitudinal
Marking position can be preset by programming,and stadia can be adjusted manually.

Product Parameter


Drilling  Marking  



Size of angle (mm)


Max. drilling dia. (mm)

Φ 40

Nominal marking force (kN)


Max. work piece length (m)

14 (by users' request)

Adjustment Range of back mark(mm)

50-220 (steeples adjustment)

No. of drill on each side


No. of character group


No. of character per character group


Dimensions of characters (mm)

           14x10x19 or 16x10x19

No. of CNC axes


Max. in feed speed (m/min)


Max. drilling stroke (mm)


Rotation speed of spindles (r/min)

180-560 (steeples adjustment)

Overall dimensions (mm)


Net weight (Kg)



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