CB120 Angle Heel Milling Machine

Product Details

CB120 angle heel milling machine

A. Product Usage
Angle steel tower structure, extensive use of the coated iron fittings, in order to close the connection, must heel milling of the connecting iron. At present, most of the steel tower company using planer for processing, this processing method cause labor intensity and low efficiency.

B. Product Feature
a. It can do heel milling one time, high utilization rate.
b. Greatly increased the angle heel milling production efficiency, production efficiency is 10 times compared with the planer
c. Greatly reduces the requirements for the operating level of workers, Equipment easy for operation.
d. Greatly reduce the labor intensity, high degree of mechanical automatic.
e. Compared with planer, overcome the processing length limitation, this machine have not length limitation, more flexible and convenient for production processing.
f. Convenient for operation, flexible adjustment and stable operation.

C. Product Parameter



size of angle (mm)


Length of angle


The speed of powder spindle


Heel mill cutter


Clamping method of angle


Adjust method of Milling cutter height




Rotation speed of spindle

75,105,150,210,300,420r/min,six files

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